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What to Expect at Your First Session

Posted Saturday, September 05, 2015 by Emily Ruth Lovelett.

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The Paperwork

Yes, yes, I understand checking boxes and filling out forms is not your idea of a calming, inviting massage experience. It does however, help ensure your safety.

You will be asked to complete and sign:

-Health History form. There are circumstances or health conditions where a massage, or a particular massage technique, may cause harm. Knowing your current and past health history will allow me to determine contraindications.

-Consent to Treatment and Privacy Policy Notification form. Your written consent will be needed to confirm that you understand what massage therapy is, what it is not, and that you agree to receive massage therapy. You will be given E. Ruth’s privacy policy so that you are aware of how your protected personal information (PPI) is kept confidential and secure and so that you know your rights regarding your PPI.

-E. Ruth Policy Agreement. This document clearly defines your payment responsibility and E. Ruth’s professional conduct guidelines to ensure there are no surprises.

The Intake

You have scheduled your massage for a reason (or maybe there are a few). Here is when we talk about it. We will discuss your therapy goals, your preferences, past massage experiences and any limitations. I may ask you more details about your daily physical activities and your areas of concern to help pinpoint focus areas or massage techniques to use. After your first session, all subsequent sessions begin here. Even if your goal is always relaxation- the way we move and feel in our bodies is dynamic and ever-changing and therefore, is how I respond. All therapy is catered, no session is routine.

The Massage

Finally. Whether you will be seated on the massage chair, lying under sheets on a heated table or resting on cushioned floor mats and pillows- I’ll work with you to ensure your comfort throughout your entire session. I will check in with you regarding warmth, depth of pressure and effectiveness of treatment. I will adapt and adjust your therapy plan as needed or requested. Your feedback will be an important component to reaching your goals.

The Wrap Up

Every session will conclude with a post-massage follow up. This is when we evaluate any changes you feel in your body. I will inquire about what you enjoyed about your session and if there were any techniques or areas that you did not particularly like. I will encourage you to ask questions about your experience. This feedback will help guide us in future sessions. I will also suggest tips on how you can promote comfort and prevent discomfort in your day-to-day activities. Lastly, payment will be collected and you will have the opportunity to schedule your next session.

As you can see, at E. Ruth, a massage just isn’t a massage. I continue to invest my time, education and training to deliver quality massage therapy. I look forward to providing you with a rewarding healthcare experience.

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